Repair Services

Repair, Rebuild, or Refurbish

Gilman Precision provides expert slide or spindle repair, rebuild and refurbishment services on most brands, models and types to fully restore the product to perfect operating condition. Whether it’s reconditioning, upgrading or testing performance and accuracy, Gilman Precision’s highly trained technicians utilize state-of-the-art production equipment to assess and refurbish damaged and aging spindles, slides, and customized machines.

Because of our specialization in precision machining (we manufacture some of the highest quality precision machine spindles and slides around), it’s only fitting that Gilman’s CNC spindle repair service is among the best, as well. In fact, our repair processes are so exacting, we can repair spindles to better-than-new condition on some brands.

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Much like our spindle repair service, because of our industry-leading machining capabilities and experienced team of machinists and in-house engineers, our precision way and machine slide repair service is among the best available. In fact, our repair processes are so exacting, we can repair some brands of linear stages to better-than-new condition.

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Better-Than-New Results

All repair services take place in Gilman’s Class 10,000-level cleanroom, followed by QA testing to ensure that customers’ exact expectations have been met or exceeded. Gilman’s equipment, processes and over 50 years of repair experience produce unbeatable results that leave the restored spindle or slide better than new. This esteemed service is offered by Gilman competitively, giving customers the greatest value possible. Gilman can provide solutions for even your most challenging cases. If your spindle, slide, or customized machine fails tomorrow, Gilman Precision’s repair service is your backup plan.

Services include:

  • No cost evaluation and estimate
  • Regrinding of precision surfaces
  • Replacement of worn components
  • Updates to drive systems
  • Application of low-friction bearing material
  • Assembly, Test, and Quality Assurance documentation

Spindle R&R service

The process of managing your machine includes developing a machine tool and spindle service program. It is important to establish an effective machine tool and spindle service program to achieve a high level of overall equipment performance. Overall equipment performance is a measurement
of performance comprised of three factors: asset availability, production, and quality level. The following four programs display the different types of procedures used when a spindle goes down. These range from the most basic plan of action to a highly advanced plan.

1. The Emergency Program
You can compare the emergency program to hitting the panic button. If an important spindle breaks down, the company will do whatever it takes to get that spindle repaired as soon as possible. No matter the expense, the company will have it shipped and serviced with the highest-priority. Repairing the spindle immediately reduces downtime, but the costs add up because of the urgency, making it less practical than other programs. Gilman Precision accommodates to this type of program by offering the option of a rush order service.

2. The “First In, First Out” Program
The “first in, first out” program works as if there is no program at all. There are no precautions taken, such as scheduling routine maintenance checkups. Similar to the emergency program, if a spindle breaks down, it is simply taken in to be serviced. The difference is there is no urgency to fix it. This program may be impractical, especially if the spindle that is down is important. There is no priority put on it when being serviced which means it can take weeks or months before it is back up and running. This can put production behind, which can set your company back from your competitors.

3. The Scheduled Program
Routine maintenance checkups are performed when using the scheduled program. The checkups are scheduled based off the previous maintenance records. This program provides the spindle with enough attention to keep the spindle running in good operating condition. However, it does not take into consideration fluctuating hours of operation, environmental considerations, or whether or not it even needs to be serviced. The problem is the spindle could be running fine, but time and money may be lost because of unnecessary services.

4. The Spindle “Hotel” Program
The spindle “hotel” program takes preventative measures by possessing more than one spindle that is exactly alike. The spare spindle acts as a replacement in case the main spindle breaks down. The spare is kept either on site or at a designated repair facility. The positive to this is that downtime remains low. If the spindle breaks down the spare replaces it and the production does not have to stop to wait for it to be fixed. The downside to this program is that the amount of capital sitting in the “hotel” could outweigh the convenience of the program. If this is the type of program your company follows, Gilman Precision provides a Spindle R&R service that allows any spindle to be housed for up to 12 months after being repaired.

The most important consideration to factor in when deciding on a program is the goals of the plant. The program followed needs to align with the company’s objectives. Deciding what spindle service program is the best fit for your company should not only align with the goals of the company, but should be individualized to all your spindles. Monitoring your spindles can save it from unpredictable damage and allow it to maximize its production. Reducing unnecessary downtime and costs can help push you ahead of the competition. If you are questioning what you are going to do when a spindle breaks down, it is time to implement a strategy that will optimize your overall equipment performance.

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