Better-Than-New Results

Gilman Precision provides expert slide or spindle repair, rebuild and refurbishment services on most brands, models and types to fully restore the product to perfect operating condition. Whether it’s reconditioning, upgrading or testing performance and accuracy, Gilman Precision’s highly trained technicians utilize state-of-the-art production equipment to assess and refurbish damaged and aging spindles, slides, and customized machines.

The Gilman Spindle Repair Process

All repair services take place in Gilman’s Class 10,000-level cleanroom, followed by QA testing to ensure that customers’ exact expectations have been met or exceeded. Gilman’s equipment, processes and over 50 years of repair experience produce unbeatable results that leave the restored spindle or slide better than new. Our process is as follows:

  1. Machine Spindle Failure Analysis
  2. Spindle Component Inspection
  3. Price Quote
  4. Spindle Part Replacement & Reconditioning
  5. Spindle Reassembly
  6. Spindle Return
Spindle refurbishment service

Because of our specialization in precision machining (we manufacture some of the highest quality precision machine spindles and slides around), it’s only fitting that Gilman’s CNC spindle repair service is among the best, as well. In fact, our repair processes are so exacting, we can repair spindles to better-than-new condition on some brands.

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Much like our spindle repair service, because of our industry-leading machining capabilities and experienced team of machinists and in-house engineers, our precision way and machine slide repair service is among the best available. In fact, our repair processes are so exacting, we can repair some brands of linear stages to better-than-new condition.

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Industrial slide repair services

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