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Hardened Way Slides Provide Durability for Long-Life Operations

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Gilman Precision explains the basics of a hardened way slide, including which applications they are good for and how to keep yours in great working condition. Predominantly used for high production, hardened way slides provide linear rigidity for heavy duty applications. “A hardened way slide is a linear positioning device that incorporates precision, ground rectangular […]

Gilman Precision Introduces New Spindle Catalog

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Gilman Precision is proud to announce a newly designed catalog displaying their extensive line of spindles. Last updated in 2005, Gilman has greatly improved the ease of spindle selection, along with combining all previous spindle catalogs, creating a one-stop resource. “We are in the process of upgrading our current catalogs and idea bulletins. Gilman has […]

Finding the Right Fit: When Dovetail Slides Make the Difference

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A Dovetail Slide offers a unique set of characteristics that are helpful in several applications, including in the medical industry, automotive, metrology and inspection areas. The right equipment can mean all the difference when trying to produce a particular product for your clients. While slides are commonly used in many machining situations, a Dovetail slide […]

A Spindle in Need: Maintenance Tips & Repair to Make Your Broken Part Work Like New

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A properly working spindle is an essential part of operations for many companies internationally. Through diligent analysis of the issue and expert repair work, Gilman Precision in Grafton, WI, can make a part work like new. Manufacturers rely on a lot of moving pieces in order to put out the quality products individual companies specialize […]

Slide Maintenance Tips and Repair Solutions to Keep Your Shop Running Smoothly

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A properly working slide is an essential part of operations for many companies internationally. Gilman Precision in Grafton, WI, offers repair services during those times in need. Accuracy is important in the manufacturing industry, and properly functioning machinery is an essential building block to meeting many industry standards. Slides are often found in machinery that […]

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