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Advantages of Working Directly with a Spindle Manufacturer

There are many different kinds of spindles, each with nearly unlimited applications. Working directly with a manufacturer like Gilman Precision for spindle purchase and maintenance offers many advantages. 1)  Spindle Manufacturing Expertise  Working directly with a local spindle manufacturer allows you to benefit from the manufacturer’s ability to quickly do a deep dive into your […]

Case Study: Local Spindle Repair Gets Manufacturer Back Up & Running Quickly

The Customer A global provider of services to the paper industry, with a manufacturing location in Wisconsin. The Challenge The customer was having downtime issues on one of their major grinding pieces of equipment, containing four spindles. Due to the heavy-duty nature of grinding and the processes involved, the spindles consistently crashed. Since the company […]

Slide Repairs – When and Why it is Important

It does not matter what type of slide you have; at some point it is going to need to be repaired. You will find different slides can take more wear and tear than others and last longer. For example, dovetail slides and hardened box way slides are similar types of slides but the hardened box […]

Importance of Spindle Repair and Spindle Maintenance

As with everything, over time your spindles are going to start to wear and are going to require repair. Once you start seeing the signs that a spindle may need repair, you should have it serviced. The longer you wait to get your spindles maintained, the more likely you will see higher costs and longer […]

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