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CNC Spindle Repair Service

high-speed spindle repair example


Repairing, Rebuilding & Refurbishing Belt-Driven & Motorized Machine Spindles to Better-than-New Condition

Because of our specialization in precision machining (we manufacture some of the highest quality precision machine spindles and slides around), it’s only fitting that Gilman’s CNC spindle repair service is among the best, as well. In fact, our repair processes are so exacting, we can repair spindles to better-than-new condition on some brands.

The Gilman Advantage

Along with getting production up-and-running again, our spindle repair service offers the following benefits:

      • Ability to repair machine spindles across wide RPM range, including 260,000-rpm high-speed spindles
      • Maximize spindle performance to improve productivity
      • Decrease downtime
      • Reduce maintenance costs
      • Improve spindle reliability
      • Best warranty in the industry
      • Emergency Services Available

Retro-Fit Newer Technologies into Older Spindle Designs

In tandem with our superior manufacturing abilities, our capable in-house engineering team can even re-engineer new parts and retrofit newer technologies into older spindle designs for improved machining performance.


Types of Spindles We Repair
Milling spindles Grinding spindles
Drilling spindles Boring spindles
Turning spindles
Popular Brands We Repair
  • Mazak
  • Mori Seiki
  • Doosan
  • Hyundai-Wia
  • And many more brands


“Our problem was excessive vibration and noise from the spindle. Gilman correctly diagnosed it and gave us a quote. We offered them the opportunity to repair it, which they did in a timely manner and returned it to us promptly. We were very happy with the service.”

—Andy Pattison, Binsfeld Engineering


The Gilman Spindle Repair Process

From start-to-finish, customer service is our highest priority. We back all our work with a written warranty, and our commitment to return your spindle with “like-new” performance.

  1. Machine Spindle Failure Analysis
  2. Spindle Component Inspection
  3. Price Quote
  4. Spindle Part Replacement & Reconditioning
  5. Spindle Reassembly
  6. Spindle Return


Spindle Repair Case Study

A high volume manufacturer experienced a premature bearing-failure with their European-manufactured spindles. Spindle life was averaging a costly and unacceptable three months. Gilman engineers were asked to remedy the problem.

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Spindle Rebuild Case Study

A manufacturer was utilizing foreign-made machine tool spindles, and servicing the spindles was problematic for domestic installations. Because they were of a proprietary design, spindle rebuild was difficult. Gilman’s engineers figured out how.

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