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Precision Slide & Spindle Repair Services


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Gilman Precision provides expert slide or spindle repair, rebuild and refurbishment services on most brands, models and types to fully restore the product to perfect operating condition.

Repair, Rebuild, or Refurbish

Whether it’s reconditioning, upgrading or testing performance and accuracy, Gilman Precision’s highly trained technicians utilize state-of-the-art production equipment to assess and refurbish damaged and aging spindles, slides, and customized machines.

Better-than-New Results

All precision slide and high-speed spindle repair services take place in Gilman’s Class 10000-level cleanroom, followed by QA testing to ensure that customers’ exact expectations have been met or exceeded. Gilman’s equipment, processes and over 50 years of repair experience produce unbeatable results that leave the restored spindle or slide better than new. This esteemed service is offered by Gilman competitively, giving customers the greatest value possible. Gilman can provide solutions for even your most challenging cases. If your spindle, slide, or customized machine fails tomorrow, Gilman Precision’s repair service is your backup plan.

Services include:

    • No cost evaluation and estimate
    • Regrinding of precision surfaces
    • Replacement of worn components
    • High speed spindle rebuild
    • Linear slide and spindle repair services
    • Updates to drive systems
    • Application of low-friction bearing material
    • Assembly, Test, and Quality Assurance documentation



“Our problem was excessive vibration and noise from the spindle. Gilman correctly diagnosed it and gave us a quote. We offered them the opportunity to repair it, which they did in a timely manner and returned it to us promptly. We were very happy with the service.”

—Andy Pattison, Binsfeld Engineering


Spindle Repair Case Study

A high volume manufacturer experienced a premature bearing-failure with their European-manufactured spindles. Spindle life was averaging a costly and unacceptable three months. Gilman engineers were asked to remedy the problem.

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Spindle Rebuild Case Study

A manufacturer was utilizing foreign-made machine tool spindles, and servicing the spindles was problematic for domestic installations. Because they were of a proprietary design, spindle rebuild was difficult. Gilman’s engineers figured out how.

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Spindle Repair Examples:

Industrial spindle repair services

A Gilman-repaired spindle.

Spindle refurbishment service

Spindle precision surface regrind.