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Motorized Spindles


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Meeting machining and rotational needs

Gilman Precision’s Mech-Tronix motorized spindles are a standard spindle line that will give your process more power, variable speed, and more tool connection choices.

Gilman Precision’s motorized spindles are designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding technical requirements. All components guarantee high levels of reliability and have been designed to enable maintenance work to be carried out quickly and efficiently. Optional capabilities include drives and cooling units.

Please visit our resource section for catalogs and CAD drawings on our complete and customizable line of spindle products.


Motorized Spindle Case Study

A major aircraft engine manufacturer wanted to upgrade to the spindle on its OM-3 and OM-4 Sundstand Omnimills (5-axis machining centers with a 150 degree tilting head). Material being machined was inconel, titanuim and other aerospace alloys.

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