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A Gilman motorized spindle


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Motorized spindles for every machining and rotational need.

Gilman Precision’s Mech-Tronix integral motor and RMC high-speed spindles will give your process more power, variable speed, and more tool connection choices for advanced applications.

These motorized spindles are designed and manufactured to meet the most demanding technical requirements. All components guarantee high levels of reliability and have been designed to enable maintenance work to be carried out quickly and efficiently. Optional capabilities include drives and cooling units.

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Mech-Tronix Motorized Spindles

Standard Mech-Tronix Options
All standard spindles can provide up to 133 in.-lbs. of torque.
34 lbs. maximum thrust 46 lbs. maximum thrust
67 lbs. maximum thrust 70 lbs. maximum thrust
92 lbs. maximum thrust 138 lbs. maximum thrust
139 lbs. maximum thrust 289 lbs. maximum thrust
290 lbs. maximum thrust 655 lbs. maximum thrust
Custom Mech-Tronix Options
  • Complete spindle systems
    • Spindle (open loop)
    • Matched drive (open loop)
    • Matched chiller for liquid cooled spindles
  • Standard tool interface
    • Boring
    • HSK
    • NMTB
  • Four bearing structures for speed and thrust capabilities
  • 100 lb. to 3,790 lb. thrust capacity  
  • Up to 11,800 RPM
  • Up to 20 horsepower (S1 Duty)

Please visit our resource section for catalogs and CAD drawings on our complete and customizable line of spindle products.

RMC High-Speed Spindles

RMC manufactures customized high-speed spindles. Through dynamically balanced components that are made of hardened steel to prevent wear and accuracy deterioration, RMC is able to provide precision, accuracy, and reliability.

Milling & Grinding Spindle Options
 Two RMC high-speed spindles With the ability to reach up to 260,000 rpm, RMC’s grinding spindles guarantee high performance and low operating temperatures. The internal spindles are available with speed sensors, grinding wheel refrigeration, quick-grinding wheel change out, balancing system, or an acoustic sensor.

The external high-speed grinding spindles require a combination of highly rigid bearings and low heat generation motors for smooth operation at all speed ranges. Grinding spindles include silver squirrel cage motors allowing for a compact size and low vibration levels.

 High-speed milling spindles Our high-speed milling spindles are optimized for stiffness, performance, and durability in various machining applications.

RMC uses high efficiency synchronous and asynchronous motors that contain temperature sensors and are cooled with internal or external liquid recirculation. Grease or minimal air-oil lubrication systems are available, as well as bearings with ceramic balls and special steel inner and outer rings.

Tool attachments can be ISO, SK, ANSI, BTI, HSK, or CAPTO with an automatic tool change capability controlled by inductive or capacitive integrated sensors, and hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. Shaft positioning control for tool change or hard tapping operations is performed by an encoder adapted to the customer drive system or by using an incremental resolver.


Spindle Accessories

From bearings to lubrication to seals, we can customize our integral motor and high-speed spindles to match your needs.

Steel bearings Lubrication
Steel angular contact bearings are the common choice for precision spindles. These types of bearings are preloading by adjusting them axially against each other or preloading them by the means of springs. Angular contact bearings support both radial and axial loads. These angular contact bearings have different contact angles. The most common are 15 degrees and 25 degrees. The higher the contact angle the more axial load capacity. Spindle bearings are lubricated by two forms, fluid lubricants (oils) or thickened fluid lubricants (greases). Fluid lubricants are applied by oil mist, oil+air or oil jet. Greases are packed in the bearings using specific amounts. There are many types of greases available depending on the speed required, load and environment. Gilman uses high-performance synthetic greases in their spindles as standard. Fluid lubrication is available as a special design.
Ceramic Bearings  Labyrinth Seals
Ceramic or hybrid angular contact bearings are used to increase speed or lower operating temperature. These hybrid bearings use steel inner and outer rings with ceramic balls. The basic principles of hybrid ceramic angular contact bearings are the same as the steel type. Labyrinth seals are non-contact seals which have passages designed to make it difficult for contaminants to make it from the outside of the spindle to the bearings. Labyrinth seals are used in applications where high speeds prevent the use of contact seals. Labyrinth seals are assisted in effectiveness by the use of air flowing out of the seal to the outside or what is called air purge.
 Angular Contact Bearings  Contact Seals
Angular contact bearings use asymmetric axial races. Angular contact bearings are used to support loading in both the axial and radial directions. For higher axial loads, use triplex bearing constructions. Contact seals are the preferred sealing method for keeping contaminants from reaching the spindle bearings. Because of the friction produced from the contact seal, contact seals are limited as far as speed. Contact seals can also be assisted by using air purge.

Case Study

A major aircraft engine manufacturer wanted to upgrade to a Mech-Tronix spindle on its OM-3 and OM-4 Sundstand Omnimills (5-axis machining centers with a 150-degree tilting head). The material being machined was Inconel, titanium, and other aerospace alloys. Learn more →



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