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InTronix Spindle




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A versatile motorized spindle designed to withstand the rigors of multi-application workloads.

Introducing the newest and most versatile addition to Gilman Precision’s spindle line: the InTronix compact motorized spindle. Combining the benefits of our belt-driven and motorized spindles, the InTronix boasts the ability to direct couple to any motor.  The InTronix Spindle is predominantly used for grinding, milling and boring applications, and the featured HSK manual clamp simplifies the process of changing out different tooling options.


  • Can attach to any motor
  • Can handle different applications with much less wear on motor
  • Reduced wear means lower maintenance costs and increased operational life
  • Reduced size and weight means less operation space than a belt-driven solution
  • Less expensive and faster delivery compared to conventional motorized spindles

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