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Dovetail Slides


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Whether your end application is a special machine or an OEM product line, dovetail slides provide simple and cost effective precision movement and tooling positioning solutions for machine builders and users. Dovetail slides typically have a larger contact area compared to other style slide systems, providing a high stiffness and load bearing capacity.

Our dovetail slide assemblies are designed and built for smooth, accurate and long-life operation and can be preloaded with Gib adjustment for reduced end play. Both the base and saddle are made from close-grained cast iron which are properly normalized to minimize distortion. After assembly, the saddle and base are machined and ground parallel on top and bottom surfaces for a flat, accurate mounting surface, and may be easily drilled, tapped, or machined to accommodate specific mounting and fixturing requirements for your dovetail slides.

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Dovetail Type Quicklinks:

Low Profile Dovetail Slides
High Profile Dovetail Slides
ND Dovetail Slides
Cylinder-Powered Dovetail Slides
DC (Custom) Dovetail Slides

low profile dovetail slides

Low Profile Dovetail Slides

Low profile slides are useful for a range of applications where the load induced into the assembly is moderate and a compact design is essential.

Basic SlideBasic Slides Lead Screw Slides  

Lead Screw w/ Angle Bracket Slides

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High profile dovetail slides

High Profile Dovetail Slides

High profile slides are useful for applications where the nature of the work to be done requires a more rugged construction than the low profile slide assemblies. With a thicker saddle and base this slide achieves greater stability and capacity.

Basic Slides

Lead Screw Slides
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Next day slides

ND Slides

ND slides feature a low-profile saddle and base design and are engineered for a variety of compoundable configurations using a proportional building block concept.


Angle Brackets

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cylinder powered slides

Cylinder-Powered Slides

Air or hydraulic cylinder powered slide assemblies are designed to provide efficient positioning and feeding of either the piece part or the machining head.

 Air Cylinder  Hydraulic Cylinder

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DC (Custom) Slides

DC (Custom) Slides

DC slide assemblies are designed to meet specific length requirements of one-inch increments of saddle and base lengths to save cost and space.

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